A bridge between ntfy and Alertmanager

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A bridge between ntfy and Alertmanager.


Simply use go build or the docker image with docker compose file. ntfy-alertmanager:latest is built from the latest tagged release while ntfy-alertmanager:dev is built from the master branch. On Arch Linux you can install the aur package as well.


You can specify the configuration file location with the --config flag. By default the configuration file will be read from /etc/ntfy-alertmanager/config. The format of this file is scfg and there is an example configuration file in this repo. Furthermore you can take a look at my deployment.

ntfy-alertmanager has support for setting ntfy priority, tags, icon, action buttons (which can be used to create an Alertmanager silence), email notifications and phone calls. Define a decreasing order of labels in the config file and map those labels to tags, priority, an icon or an email address.

  • For priority and icon the first found value will be chosen. Settings for "resolved" alerts will take precedence.
  • Tags are added together.

#Alertmanager config

    - name: "ntfy"
          - url: ""
                    username: "webhookUser"
                    password: "webhookPass"


Report bugs on the issue tracker, send patches/ask questions on the mailing list or write to me directly on matrix @xenrox:xenrox.net. There is a mirror on Codeberg as well, where you can create issues or open pull requests.