A bridge between ntfy and Alertmanager

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A bridge between ntfy and Alertmanager.


Simply use go build or the docker image with docker-compose file. ntfy-alertmanager:latest is built from the latest tagged release while ntfy-alertmanager:dev is built from the master branch.


You can specify the configuration file location with the --config flag. By default the configuration file will be read from /etc/ntfy-alertmanager/config. The format of this file is scfg.

ntfy-alertmanager has support for setting ntfy priority and tags. Define a decreasing order of labels in the config file and map those labels to tags or priority.

  • For priority the first found value will be chosen.
  • Tags are added together.


# http listen address
http-address :8080
# Log level (either debug, info, warning, error)
log-level info
# Optionally protect with HTTP basic authentication
user webhookUser
password webhookPass

labels {
    order "severity,instance"

    severity "critical" {
        priority 5
        tags "rotating_light"

    severity "info" {
        priority 1

    instance "example.com" {
        tags "computer,example"

ntfy {
    # URL of the ntfy topic - required
    topic https://ntfy.sh/alertmanager-alerts
    # ntfy access control (https://ntfy.sh/docs/config/#access-control)
    user user
    password pass

#Alertmanager config

    - name: "ntfy"
          - url: ""
                    username: "webhookUser"
                    password: "webhookPass"


Report bugs on the issue tracker.